Finiti Real Estate Valuation Solutions
Finiti is a full-service valuation provider. We utilize a national network of state-certified or licensed appraisers and brokers to meet our client's aggressive deadlines and quick turn-times for appraisals in all 50 states.
Valuation products from Finiti follow Appraiser Independence, USPAP, FIRREA, secondary marketing requirements and our client's underwriting standards. Prior to delivery, each valuation product is validated for completeness and accuracy by our automated quality control rules and our in-house appraisal review group.
Finiti has established, national vendor relationships. One of our fully licensed or certified appraisers completes the inspection of the property and the report and our automated underwriting system ensures your reports are accurate and delivered on time.
We specialize in:
        Standard 1004
        Manufactured Homes 1004C
        Multi-Family Homes
Our 2055 Exterior product can be used when a BPO product is not available. A 2055 Exterior offers a higher level of confidence without the cost of a full appraisal and provides:
        A supported opinion of value
        Subject front and street scene photos and comp photos
        Location map
Our staff and platinum valuation professionals are experienced in performing foreclosure and REO appraisals throughout the various stages of the disposition process.
        Can be ordered with a standard 1004
        Provides a general description of the subject's exterior, foundation, basement and insulation
        Notes the condition of improvements, depreciation, repairs and quality
        Identifies competing listing and market trends
Our team of experienced appraisers reviews the original report and completes a comprehensive exterior inspection of the property and comparable data.
        Includes subject front and street scene photos and comp photos
        The review appraiser indicates a supported value based on the original appraisal date
        Used to spot check the value of your portfolio
Our experienced national broker panel can quickly produce an easy to read, comprehensive inspection for your disaster, foreclosure or closing needs.
        Bulk or single orders
        Turned within 48 hours
        Includes a subject photo and street map
AVM products can be customized to your needs. Finiti also offers numerous standard AVM products with a range of options and pricing.
        Single Point AVM using Pick Right Strategy with History Pro
          -   Relies on one value hit from the most reliable source                for the property area
          -   No flip notice
          -   Rural flag suppressed
          -   Suppresses hits on FEMA disaster areas
        Tri-Blended AVM
          -   2/3 confidence scores 60 or higher
          -   Considers all hits with a confidence score
          -   Suppresses hits on FEMA disaster and rural areas
          -   Flip notice
          -   Borrower name and address provided
Finiti's Broker Price Opinion (BPO) offers a higher level of security and detail than an AVM, yet is faster and more affordable than a full appraisal. We maintain a network of local, licensed realtors who assess comparable sales within the subject property area to provide an expert opinion on the subject's value.
Using the Finiti BPO eliminates the need for multiple vendors - and varying degrees of product quality and pricing. Our BPO also provides a consistent process and format, which includes:
        Easy ordering and product delivery
        Quick turn-times, averaging three days
        Verification of subject property and current condition
        Estimated value for subject property
        An assessment of neighborhood trends and marketing times
        Three comparable sales and three current listings
        Street scene and comparable photos
Finiti's experienced QC staff along with our automated rules engine enables us to offer quick, efficient post quality control reviews for all of your valuation products.
        Customized sampling
        Monthly or quarterly review options
        Automated reporting and trend tracking
        Detailed analysis and consistent reporting on all of your vendors
Integrated technology is available so that your staff can place orders in your environment that directly enter Finiti's proprietary system.
Finiti can also provide on-site personnel, trained and aligned to support your channel, to manage daily bulk and individual orders. On-site staff ensures no change to how you identify and send your orders today.
 Product delivery to our Internet site or electronically back to your system includes a PDF document with photos and data  stream.